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Happy February Pilates Lovers!

Good day my fellow Pilates Lovers,

Happy new year & Happy February!

I am sending best wishes to you all for a healthy, prosperous and adventure-filled year ahead.

At the start of this new year & new month, I am greatful for my health & my strength as it continues to improve and new opportunities to connect with my body are made daily through persistence, consistence, disciplined physical therapy & now a little pré-pilates.

I’m seeing that recovering from the hip replacement in December is no different than setting any other goal: trusting the process & celebrating each & every small, though measurable, victory.

I am teaching 1-on-1 private sessions in my Home Studio in Lewisville & now that I can drive again, group mat classes in the gyms!

In addition to teaching the PITC Zoom Classes, I'm at Lewisville Thrive & YMCA Coppel & have just started a new gig in Flower Mound at Club4 Fitness!

I've had to do quite a bit of internal work to get here. The first 3 weeks I was in a world of selfpity & self-defeating thinking: being useless, having lost my purpose « FOREVER! », fearing I’d never be able to help others since I was so totally limited in what I could do for myself & see outside of myself. It was scary how limited my thinking was.

If I hadn’t had friends to repeatedly remind me that my present condition at the time were but a small blip in time & that my body was healing from a trauma, I wouldn’t have been able to start seeing the tiny measurable improvements I was making everyday.

Coincidentally I just put on my right sock today, 7weeks post-op! A goal met I was sure I would struggle with (again, « FOREVER »!)

I can’t discount the struggle without recognizing that nothing is forever, it’s actually not long at all.

Offering Pilates group mat classes in our 3 neighborhoods feels incredible.

To be able to teach the benefits of what I’m so passionate to share with others, that have helped me immeasurably, is life fulfilling & I will continue to hope & keep faith that I will until… FOREVER!

YoMe encourages me to keep up with my daily PT.

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When are you in Coppell at the YMCA?

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