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 “Over the last 7 months my flexibility and core strength have surpassed my own expectations. Every class is a challenge but the results make pilates even more addicting. And to top it off Audrey is a doll!" 

Jenny W. 9/12/18


“You only have one life, try new things, challenge yourself...who knows where you'll end up. I love this class and look forward to it every week!  For the new friends I've made, for the way it makes me feel afterwards and for the confidence it's given me to not be afraid to try new things."

Marion B. 9/13/18

“My focus was enhanced and transferred into my daily routine, it is relaxing and meditative in a particular way.  And most of all people began to ask me what I was doing as they began to notice a slight transformation. It's impossible to list all the benefits that have occurred but its the most refreshing decision I've made this year. Thank you Audrey!”

Keith C. 10/02/18

“I’ve always dealt with my stress by being active in running, but after starting to attend Audrey’s Pilate bi-weekly classes in April of 2018, her classes have helped me with the stress in my mind, and I’ve not had to go to my chiropractor”

Marian T. 9/13/18

“I’m currently pain free for the first time in a very long time. Audrey is a true professional that really knows her stuff. She is truly a wonderful person that has a heart for helping people. Do Pilates with Audrey and start living again!”

Thomas M. 7/14/19

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