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Dear Summer 2020,

I'm used to being confused about what I'm doing, where I'm going & subsequently being late because of the aforementioned... but how is it that you just sauntered into town without my having been prepared?!

I still have winter clothes stacked around my place.

This disturbs me.

My need for immaculate organization (in all my affairs) has not been met & sends me into daydreams berating myself for it & then planning out with charts & infographics on post-it notes & scraps of paper:

What, When & How it may be dealt with.

(hmmm, I should maybe ask a friend for some help sometimes.)

Honestly, I'm surprised by how many hours go by before I realise I was meant to have possibly taken care of a few other things that day - Wait, where is my calendar now? - yet doing almost nothing at all about it!

Mid-June? Are we?? Wait, Or is it mid-July?

Winter clothes on my sofa?...

Most disturbing.

In recent months - dating back to the Spring before you came back to town - I have found that many of the things I thought I should be doing sometimes aren't as pressing as they seemed to be.

Where I'm going, if I go very far at all, still takes some figuring out so timeliness continues to be an issue. Ahh well!

I know I still carry far too many bags to & from any destination for any 'normal' person,

but good thing I've got good balance because all the weight & stacking of:

my note-books & coffee

& plants & cactuses & Pilates mats

& recycling &....

oh!!! & even my cats last week!

Anyway...creating a tower of these things just so... & then trying to figure out how to open the car door without putting anything on the germ-infested ground.....

could really be a liability. I'd really be late then.

Well, I've lost track of what I wanted to say. Something else just came into my mind. I hope that before you fly out of town as quickly as you wandered in we sit down, & "just be," for a spell.

I've made a note, so don't worry Summer, I won't forget.

Love & miss you still from last year:)

& the year before.

oh & let's not forget you Summer of '17...

- that's the year I was too busy to see you, sleeping 3 hours a night, crying all the time...

that I subsequently wrote several journals about how I was going to work on slowing down & getting less manic about cramming so much into life & thinking before saying "Yes" to everyone.

(My favourite is: "I'll get back to you on that." I sound so grown-up when I say that!)

Because, let's be honest What is ever really getting done?

The journaling has worked in other areas of my life though!

Ok Summer, I'll call you as soon as I take care of the cats! Promise!

Love, love


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Echoes sentiments I've been feeling lately. Beautifully said. -Stefani

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