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Starting This Week—Free Virtual Pilates Classes💪

Exercise keeps you healthy and strong. It can also help you manage anxiety and stress—something we could all benefit from these days! To support you and encourage a sense of community in light of current events, Pilates In The City, is bringing mat classes to YOU, via Zoom. @PITC-EARTH

Join me this Wednesday at NOON for a 30-minute virtual donation Pilates mat class.

(Teacher Donation is appreciated but absolutely not obligatory:)

Sign up todayfor access (limited spots available). 




APRIL 14-18

TUE 11a **


5.30p **


WED 12p *30min Donation Mat Class - Pilates Foundations & Beginner Level


THUR 11a *Foundations to Advanced Beginner w/Stretch. 

NOTE: Please have a bathroom handtowel or kitchen handtowel (both usually 25" in length.)


5.30p **


SAT 10a *Advanced Beginner w/Intermediate Progressions using Magic Circle

**Small Group class type will have a theme or focus

based upon attendees needs for the session

EACH WEEK may have a different schedule.

Please BOOK YOUR GROUP CLASS for the current week at hand.


More @PITC-EARTH Options!

If the group times don't work for you:

book a 30 or 45-minute Private ($30 or $45)


Create your own 50min virtual Small Group Mat Class (3-4 friends, $15 each)

Receive personalized attention.

Learn, grow & encourage each other in your Pilates practice together!

subject line: @PITC-EARTH

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