Starting This Week—Free Virtual Pilates ClassesđŸ’Ș

Exercise keeps you healthy and strong. It can also help you manage anxiety and stress—something we could all benefit from these days! To support you and encourage a sense of community in light of current events, Pilates In The City, is bringing mat classes to YOU, via Zoom. @PITC-EARTH

Join me this Wednesday at NOON for a 30-minute virtual donation Pilates mat class.

(Teacher Donation is appreciated but absolutely not obligatory:)

Sign up todayfor access (limited spots available). 




APRIL 14-18

TUE 11a **


5.30p **


WED 12p *30min Donation Mat Class - Pilates Foundations & Beginner Level


THUR 11a *Foundations to Advanced Beginner w/Stretch. 

NOTE: Please have a bathroom handtowel or kitchen handtowel (both usually 25" in length.)


5.30p **


SAT 10a *Advanced Beginner w/Intermediate Progressions using Magic Circle

**Small Group class type will have a theme or focus

based upon attendees needs for the session

EACH WEEK may have a different schedule.

Please BOOK YOUR GROUP CLASS for the current week at hand.


More @PITC-EARTH Options!

If the group times don't work for you:

book a 30 or 45-minute Private ($30 or $45)


Create your own 50min virtual Small Group Mat Class (3-4 friends, $15 each)

Receive personalized attention.

Learn, grow & encourage each other in your Pilates practice together!

to Create, email me:

subject line: @PITC-EARTH

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